Protect your vehicle

What if my vehicle is written off during an accident? What if my car is stolen? What if my van is involved in a fire? These are just some questions many people ask when looking into protecting their vehicle during a leasing term. Here at think auto leasing we have an array of different asset protection products for both your personal and business leases.

What is GAP Vehicle Insurance?

GAP or Guaranteed Asset Protection is used when covering the difference between your vehicle insurance cover amount and what you initially paid for the vehicle and in some situations can also help with repayments if the car is on finance.

After you first pick up your new vehicle, it instantly loses value and continues to do so over time. This means that if your vehicle was written off, stolen or involved in a fire your insurer might pay out far less than you originally paid for it. GAP insurance can help to fill in the gap and help to lessen the financial damage that has occurred.

Other GAP benefits include:

  • Provides financial protection if you have taken out a finance agreement
  • Finance GAP policy may pay the difference between the amount paid out by the motor insurance provider and any outstanding finance on their car.
  • Transferable
  • Can cancel anytime
  • Meets the ABI code of practice



What is Smart Protect?

As the name states this insurance is designed to keep the customer’s vehicle in top condition without the inflation in prices to their no claims bonus. Weather the car is scratched, chipped, dented or scuffed; all you would have to do contact our maintenance team and they will validate your claim.  Once this is done one of our expert repair technicians will come to the place that best suits you whether at home or work and fix the problem for you with our state-of-the-art repair technology.

  • SMART Protect
  • Making a claim doesn’t affect your no claims bonus
  • Repairs can be carried out at the customers preference
  • Should you come to sell the vehicle, retail value is optimized
  • Our SMART repair service is manufacturer approved and sets the industry standard.


If you would like further information, let our Leasing Consultants know by contacting us on or

0808 196 1771.