Why choose leasing?

Leasing is a cost effective and popular option if you are looking for a way of funding a new vehicle. With many options to cater for you whether its for your own personal use or for business use, we here at think auto leasing have a contract to suit your needs.

  • Affordable – Affordable monthly payments are much cheaper than purchasing a car outright
  • Easy – From your first enquiry form or call to arranging pick up or delivery of the vehicle, here at think auto leasing we make it as easy as possible
  • More for your money – Lower costs means having your dream car is easier than you think
  • Flexible – Payments, contract length and mileage are all catered to your needs
  • Stress Free – Including a maintenance option in your agreement takes a lot of stress out of your day
  • Simple – At the end of the contract you can either pay off the vehicle or hand it back and start a brand new lease


What leasing options do you offer?

Personal Contract Hire (PCH)

This is a long-term rental agreement and best suited to someone who is not looking to own the car at the end of the contract. You will pay monthly instalments for an agreed set amount of time and at the end of the contract you will return the car back to the finance company.

Personal Contract Hire (PCH) is best suited for someone who likes having new cars every few years. There is no worry about having to try and re-sell the car at the end of the agreement as it gets returned. A lot of leasing companies will offer maintenance so will get rid of any unexpected repair bills.

Benefits of PCH include:

  • Drive away in a new vehicle with small upfront payments
  • It is possible to reduce Benefit In Kind (BIK) tax
  • You have the option of having all maintenance and services included in the monthly price
  • You can pick the exact colour and trim
  • Exposed to less financial risk
  • You don’t need to worry about selling your old vehicle when looking for a new one
  • PCH is also cheaper than ownership over the long term if you intend to drive new cars and replace them every few year


Business Contract Hire (BCH)
Business Contract Hire also known as BCH is a long term business rental agreement that gives you the ability to have a car or van for a set amount of time at a fixed monthly rate.  You will pay the rate in monthly instalments across the term that was agreed with your finance company and then return the vehicle at the end of your contract. Setting up a Business Contract Hire is just as simple as setting up a Personal Contract Hire (PCH) agreement.

When your company is looking to add to their fleet, Business Contract Hire gives you the opportunity to drive a new vehicle over an agreed amount of time and mileage allowance. Many businesses tend to lease vehicles rather than purchase outright so they don’t see large drops in value with their vehicle at the end of a contract. At the end of a contract you then have the choice of either starting a new contract with a new vehicle or carry on leasing the same vehicle.

There are many benefits for business lease such as, Fixed Costs, Easy Maintenance, Better Cash Flow and VAT Benefits.  The payments attract VAT of which for cars 50% and for commercial vehicles 100% of the finance element is reclaimable, 100% of the VAT for any maintenance payment is reclaimable.

Offering flexible contract lengths between 18 and 48 months, Business Contract Hire is eligible for, Limited Companies, Partnerships and Sole Traders that can provide bank statements, address and their company director MUST provide proof of ID. Also to be eligible for BCH your company must have a good credit rating.


For more information on our leasing options and terms see our Guide to leasing page for more details.


If you would like further information, let our Leasing Consultants know by contacting us on enquiries@thinkautoleasing.co.uk or

0808 196 1771.